Tank Training in Neihu (S-033 and S-038)

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Tank Training in Neihu (S-033 and S-038)

Post by John Knowles on 6/18/2017, 23:17

This past afternoon I met up with Kang Yu Wang (Ken) in the Neihu District of Taipei.

There is a local wargame club that meets there every month; I saw a couple of other guys playing an MMP OCS game set in Sicily, both of whom said they were keen to try and learn (full) ASL in the future - I'll be happy to extend them a helping hand in regards to that !! But for today, Kang Yu was keen to learn about AFVs in ASLSK. I felt that an infantry support role would be most suited for exploring armored warfare ASLSK-style, and the scenarios I chose for us were S-033 "Few And Far Between" and S-038 "Raiders Along The Wall".

S-033 "Few And Far Between".

In this scenario, I played the defending Dutch, whilst Kang Yu played the attacking Germans, with German balance in effect (which upgrades the PzIIA to a PzIIF, a significant upgrade of the front AF). The Germans need to control the (5) buildings within 2 hexes of yFF5 to win, but have a modest 4.5 turns to do the job with no real superiority in numbers. The PzII has to be the difference maker for the Germans with it's sD7 and ability to cross open ground and engage strongpoints with Bounding Fire (8 FP) attacks. I set up the Dutch to try and interdict the early German entry of the map, later planning to fall back.

(I took photos, but the light was bad and the photographer's skill even worse. The VASL maps are a lot friendlier on the eyes...)

Kang Yu moved aggressively, and although I was able to break a few units, I wasn't able to effect the rampaging PzII, which broke a LMG squad and got behind me on turn 1. So I immediately lost a squad in the first RtPh, but was mostly able to withdraw and recover in my turn 1. But now the open ground was hardly covered and quickly crossed by the Germans,. In spite of never getting any smoke from the sD7, Kang Yu did enjoy a stream of good IFT DRs from the PzII's turret armament, and this largely handed back the initiative to the Germans. My reinforcements arrived in my turn 3 as things were starting to get a bit desperate for the Dutch defenders. The Germans continued to get the better of the firefight, and with both LMGs out of action, the PzII was irrepressible in the role of 'the poison pill'.

By the end of German turn 4, I had no Good Order MMCs, and all VC buildings were in German control. I was able to rally a lone 237 in my last Rally Phase, but it's desperate dash was soon extinguished, and a German victory was assured. It was nice for Kang Yu that his lone Panzer was able to have a heroic day and demonstrate how devastating AFVs can be when supporting infantry on the attack.

S-038 "Raiders Along The Wall".

This is my second playing of this scenario, once again as the Germans. I explained the VCs (Germans win at game end by controlling I7 and O8) to Kang Yu, and we discussed defender options for a while. Kang Yu then took the American pieces and set up the Americans in what I estimated to be about 40 seconds !! Pretty impressive for a guy who's probably played around 10-12 ASLSK scenarios and is using AFVs for the 3rd time....

The map shows the (extremely prompt) American setup . 2 536 squads, a 7-0 leader, and an M4A1 will arrive as reinforcements during American turn 3.

I had 4 squads, 1 leader, MMG, and LMG push responsibly along the top flank, whilst the remaining 8 went along the bottom flank. In the first turn, a few Germans squads broke, but with enough fire being drawn, I was able to establish several squads atop the E9 hill. A lucky shot in my APFh, broke the American squad in E6, and this seemed to give my Germans the tonic of initiative that they needed. By the end of turn 2, I was able to break a couple more American squads, and suddenly they were reeling. By the end of German turn 3, a melee had broken out in I7, and the Germans were swarming towards O8 from the south (top of map). With the arrival of the turn 3 American reinforcements, the Americans again recovered, and perhaps more importantly still held the 2 VC buildings.

But my 16FP stack (9-1, MMG/467, LMG/467) continued to roll low, knocking down the would-be American defenders (Kang Yu referred to the stack as a 'death-star', and was quite bemused to learn that it is known by exactly that name in ASL circles - this guy is obviously a natural !!). With a dearth of supporting infantry, the M4A1 was forced to make a desperate dash, and eventually got wrecked by a crisp PF TH DR. O8 was quickly overrun, but the Melee continued on in I7. In German turn 5, I heavily reinforce I7 and tie up the last GO American squad in Melee. I7 eventually falls to the Germans in the American turn 5 CCPh, and with the last American squad held in Melee, the only remaining possibility for an American counterattack has been squashed, giving victory to my Germans.

The dice were much more generous to the attacker in both of our games, and the defender spent most of both scenarios very much on the back foot. But nonetheless Kang Yu had a blast using the AFVs, and no doubt learnt some valuable lessons and tactics. A good round of ASLSK AFV training !!!

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