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ASL Infantry Training In Wugu (John vs Little Wolf)

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ASL Infantry Training In Wugu (John vs Little Wolf) Empty ASL Infantry Training In Wugu (John vs Little Wolf)

Post by John Knowles on 6/17/2018, 10:12

Yesterday, Little Wolf came over to my home for some ASL infantry training. He played 1 ASLSK game, then went straight on to ASL, so is very much a beginner. We (including Robin Chung) currently have a game in play (ASL-003 "The Czerniakow Bridgehead") featuring Partisans, so I chose another small infantry scenario with Partisans (and MOL), followed by a short, sharp infantry scenario featuring DCs (A23) and Flame Throwers (A22). The scenarios I chose were DASL-A01 "L'Ecole Normale" and DASL-A03 "Back To School". By chance, both were Deluxe ASL scenarios from the 1989 ASL Annual. I was able to print out a VASL maps at the 7-11, which worked out to be very nice sized maps to play on.

DASL-A01 "L'Ecole Normale"

In this 7 turn scenario, the Partisans immediately win by clearing the cK4 building of unbroken MMCs, or when 2+ locations of this building contain a Blaze (B25) counter. The Partisans attack with 10 squads, 2 leaders, 2 LMGs. The Partisans have MOL (A22.6), and their squads have an Infantry Smoke (A24.1) exponent number of 2. Partisans squads are not Stealthy (A11.17), may neither use Multi-Location-Fire-Groups (A7.5), nor deploy (A1.31), and suffer from Ammunition Shortage (A19.131). The Germans defend with 5 squads, 2 leaders, 1 MMG, 2 LMGs

Little Wolf chose to defend as Germans and was given the balance (an extra squad). SSR 4 allows the Germans unlimited Deployment at scenario start, and Little Wolf deployed 3 squads (keeping the MG operators as squads). I set up my Partisans on board b, with 6 squads and a leader 5 Squads in E5, F4, and 4 squads, 1 leader in K4, L3. All my squads would begin concealed, and I hoped to creep as close to the K4 building as I could, then pepper it with MOL.

The game began cautiously, as my concealed squads crept towards their objective, but around turn 2, contact was made, with CCs becoming commonplace from turn 3 onward. Little Wolf had his chances, but had terrible CC DRs, and eventually my Partisans were able to whittle down the German ranks (since this is a Deluxe scenario, Hand-to-Hand CC (J2.31) is available, but I totally forgot about it; which (given his awful CC DRs) was probably as well for Little Wolf !!). I didn't manage to get any Infantry Smoke, but my MOL availability drs were generous, and by turn 4, a Blaze had occurred in L3. What was left of the Germans were simply too busy fighting the Partisans to even attempt to control the fire spreading, and a second Blaze appeared in K4 in the AFPH of Partisan turn 6, which immediately ended the game as a Partisan victory.

As a contest, the game became a bit 1-sided after turn 3, but the big positive to take out of it was the ASL experiences for Little Wolf, in particular the mechanics of MOL and Spreading Fire (B25.6).

DASL-A03 "Back To School"

In this short, but fast paced scenario, the Germans need to exit 14 VPs of Infantry (from a force of 13 squads, 5 leaders) in 4.5 turns off the south edge of board d (on/between rows E and K). Opposing them are 8 elite Russians squads, 2 leaders, 1 Hero. Both sides get good SWs; the Germans with 6 MGs, 2 DCs and a FT, and the Russians with 4 MGs (including a .50cal HMG), 1 DC. I totally forgot to give Little Wolf the balance (extending the game length to 5.5 turns), but perhaps that was for the best, as I feel that adding an extra turn takes too much away from the fast paced flavor of this scenario.

I set up the Russians at the full extension of their 3 hex perimeter, with the 9-1 and .50cal equipped 458 in the 2nd level of dH3. The Germans attacked in 2 groups, 1 down the east and west edges of the map. The German 9-2 had a lucky escape early on, as he (and a squad were tracked moving in the open by the 9-1 led .50cal. The attack resulted in a k/2, but the squad got selected (and reduced to a halfsquad), and both survived the 2MC unaffected continuing along !!!

This game, it was my turn to suffer an Achilles Hell, in the form of MCs. In spite of my (in theory) elite morale, my MC DRs left a lot to be desired, with quite a number of 'elevens' being rolled. By turn 3, I was starting to get a little stretched, and in turn 4 the Germans had captured K5 (which opens up an exit route). In my (last) turn 4, I prepare for the final exit on the west flank, with a mixture of good order squads in firing positions, and broken squads in blocking positions. On the east flank, I counterattack K5 with the DC team, but am stopped short with a pin result. In the final turn, I do well enough on the west flank, allowing only 4 VPs to exit. But on the east flank, my last GO units break and I can do nothing to stop 12 more VPs exiting, meaning that Little Wolf has reached his VC exit requirement +2.

In spite of some bad MC DRs by myself, this was a much better close contest, and although we didn't get to see a DC detonate, we did see plenty of action from the FT.

John Knowles
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