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ASL-127 "Land Leviathans" (John vs Little Wolf)

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ASL-127 "Land Leviathans" (John vs Little Wolf) Empty ASL-127 "Land Leviathans" (John vs Little Wolf)

Post by John Knowles on 4/4/2019, 22:32

Last Saturday afternoon, Little Wolf came over to my house for some more ASL AFV training. This time, I wanted Little Wolf to undertake an AFV infiltration mission, so the scenario chosen was ASL-127 “Land Leviathans”. Little Wolf played the attacking Russians, whilst I played the defending Germans with Russian balance (substitute a 9-2 armor leader for the 9-1) in effect.
(I played this scenario vs Robin Chung about 9 months earlier)
The Germans defend with 6 (467) squads, 2 leaders, 3 SWs, 3 PzIIIF, and a 10-2 armor leader. On turn 2, the Germans are reinforced by 2 PzIVDs, and a 9-2 armor leader. The Russians attack with 3 BT-5 M34s, a T-26 M34, 4 T-26 M37, a T-34 M40, a KV-2, and a BA-6. To win immediately in this 7 turn scenario, the Russians need to exit 3 AFVs with functioning MA off the west edge.
It seems to be quite a modest assignment in my mind, given that the Russians have 11 AFVs to the German's 5, which means that the Germans need to immobilize/eliminate 9 AFVs (unless the Russians malfunction and fail to repair MAs). With 7 turns available, and Inherent crew morale of 9, there's plenty enough time to exit, and the Russian AFVs match up quite favorably with the German AFVs (except for the BA-6 perhaps). I was going to need plenty of guile and luck to stop the Russian juggernaut !!!
The Germans are quite restricted in terms of setup by having to be on/west of row I on board 3. The 10-2 directed HMG in 3F3 bore-sighted 3V2 (6 FP @-3 vs a CE tank - will get recalled on a DR of 5 or less !!), a PzIIIF in I8 bore-sighted 4S3, a PzIIIF in F2 bore-sighed 2V1, a PzIIIF in H2 bore-sighted 3N3. The 10-2 armor leader was in 3H2. The 9-1, and 2 squads with ATRs went in H2, and 4 squads went in I4. We used a board to help Little Wolf prepare his entry (all enter on 3GG5), with the TCAs facing in a like direction to identify the platoons.

ASL-127 "Land Leviathans" (John vs Little Wolf) Asl-1225

On turn 1, Little Wolf had the BT platoon head north, around the board 2 hills. The rest headed south towards board 4, basically with virtually everyone out of LOS. In the German turn, the infantry move into the central portion of the board 3 village.

ASL-127 "Land Leviathans" (John vs Little Wolf) Asl-1227

On turn 2, the BT-5 M34s continue to move around the board 2 hills, a pair of T-26 M37s head to ascend the board 3 level 2 hill in row W. The T-26 M34 fails its non-platoon move TC, and the rest advance down board 4. A PzIIIF burns a T-26 M37 with a Critical Hit (C3.7), which is the only damage inflicted thus far. In the German turn, my 2 reinforcing PzIVDs look to interdict the exit of the BT platoon.

ASL-127 "Land Leviathans" (John vs Little Wolf) Asl-1226

On turn 3, My PzIIIFs get another Critical Hit, albeit against the modestly armored BA-6, which is knocked out, but he Russian crew survives !!! The Russians now have some infantry on the map !!! A pair of T-26 M37s duel the PzIVDs from long range. The PzIVDs get many hits against the Russians with some impressive ROF tears (7 non-IF shots in 1 fire phase !!!), but no damage is inflicted. I expect that Little Wolf was trying to invoke some kid of distraction to open a gate for the BTs to exit, but the PzIVs held their ground and kept the discreet BTs honest. In my turn, the KV-2 gets a hit (in no small part due to the 9-2 armor leader onboard), which wrecks a PzIIIF, and once again the crew survives (my 10-2 armor leader no less). If I can continue to go 2:1 in knocked out AFVs, I’ll be happy with that.
(no photo for the end of turn 3, sadly)
On turn 4, Little Wolf pushes for an exit, down board 4, while the BTs continue their game of cat-and-mouse with the PzIVDs. My infantry charge the Russian tanks in vain hope of getting into CC, but make no progress. I get all that can to interdict board 4, immobilizing a PzIIIF on a ESB to stop (well - we did stop). With 1 37L gun disabled, I only had 1 functioning 37L and a 10-2 directed HMG to interdict board 4.

ASL-127 "Land Leviathans" (John vs Little Wolf) Asl-1229

On turn 5, the Russians make a run for victory. The BTs scoot from cover to cover, one gets SHOCKed, but another exits the map. My 37L and HMG fail to get any hits vs the board 4 traffic, and when a pair of T-26 M37s exit, the Russians have clinched victory.

ASL-127 "Land Leviathans" (John vs Little Wolf) Asl-1228

I was a fun scenario to play, and I thought that there were several moments where Little Wolf used effective tactics, which was most pleasing to see. Good game Little Wolf, you are finding your feet well !!!!
John Knowles
John Knowles

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