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useful notes for Little Wolf posted by John Knowles on TWASLer Club

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useful notes for Little Wolf posted by John Knowles on TWASLer Club Empty useful notes for Little Wolf posted by John Knowles on TWASLer Club

Post by Robin Chung 4/6/2019, 00:34

Wolf Little, here are some useful notes for you. If not easy to understand, perhaps Robin Chung can help explain (in Chinese)
小狼這裡提供給你一些有用的筆記。如果你看不懂的話,我(Robin Chung)可以翻譯成中文幫助你。

Quick cheat notes for ASL-125 “First Crisis At Army Group North”.
ASL-125 "北方集團軍的第一次危機"中的快速小技巧筆記

CC vs AFV (A11.6)
Infantry do not use their FP, but instead have a Close Combat Value (CCV)
CCVs: squad: 5, crew: 4, halfsquad: 3, leader 2 (or raises MMC CCV by 1 for stacking with)
To advance into an AFV’s location/reaction fire vs/place DC, infantry must pass a PAATC.
Hint: For the best chance in CC vs an AFV, try to take a leader along with a squad.


Human Wave (A25.23)
Available to Russians
Need 3+ adjacent hexes with 2+ MMCs, 1 leader, LOS to target.
HW increases ML by 1, and units are immune to pinning. HW units may enter enemy occupied locations in MPh.
Hint: A Human Wave can be an excellent way to overrun a gun to prevent it firing outside its hex. If you see the Russians forming one, you might consider spoiling tactics to protect yourself.


Kindling (B25.11)
To kindle (in PFPh), a leader has to pass a NTC. If successful, as many MMCs as wish can attempt to create a flame.
Many scenarios prohibit kindling, so check the SSRs first. ASL-125 is okay to use kindling.
Hint: a blaze in the board 5 forest road would make it a lot easier for your guns to cover the remaining ground.


Deliberate Immobilization (C5.7)
When the armor of a target is prohibitively tough, you can always try to immobilize the target with DI.
Need to be within 6 hexes, using ordinance whose base TK# is greater than the target’s lowest hull AF vs an non-HD AFV.
A +5 DRM is added to the shot, acquisition does not apply, and all turret hits are misses. But any hit automatically immobilizes the vehicle (with no chance for a kill).
Hint: use the 50 and 37L guns to DI the KV-1s when able to.

提示:使用50和37L的炮是可以DI KV-1s的。

DC vs AFVs (C7.346)
To place a DC vs a vehicle requires a position DR (as well as a PAATC for MMCs). Has base TK 16 if successfully placed.
Hint: use leaders to place DCs vs AFVs (more MF, and no need for PAATC), ideally through the rear facing.


APCR (C8.11)
APCR is special ammunition that has a depletion number (C8.9). It has a superior TK# at close ranges.
You must roll the number or less to get the ammo. If you roll higher, no shot occurs (unless there is a malfunction) and if you roll equal to, you get it and deplete it.
Hint: use your APCR to get extra shots. Don’t try for it when you can get it and miss.


Towing Guns (C10.1)
A gun may be towed by a vehicle with a T# equal or less than the guns M#. The gun’s ammo reduces the vehicle’s PP total by 4 (by 8 if gun is 100mm+).
Each hex entered costs 1 extra, and reverse and bypass movement is NA.


(Un)hooking Guns (C10.12)
Requires 1/2 of MF/MP (2/3 of M# is circled) to hook up or unhook a gun to/from a stopped vehicle. When a gun is hooked up, the vehicle’s MPh immediately ends.
Hint: save 12 MPs to unhook the 88L. You’ll need another PFPh/DFPh to (un)limber (C10.2) it.


Pushing Guns (C10.3)
To push a gun cost double MF, is Hazardous Movement (-2 DRM), and will TI the units. In order to push the gun, a DR equal to or less than the M# must be rolled.
Hint: The 88L is too heavy to seriously push, but the 37L is quite light, and can be moved short distances.

推一門炮需要雙倍的MF,並且這是一個危險移動(-2 DRM),並且放置TI在單位上。為了推炮,你必須丟一次小於或等於M#的DR。

Bounding First Fire (BFF) (D3.3)
Vehicles (and their passengers in most cases) can fire after moving during the MPh. IFT weapons are halved (Exc: FT is at full FP), and guns must add a +4 DRM (in addition to other DRMs). ROF applies to BFF, but acquisition does not.
When the modifiers are in your favor, it can even be possible to declare Gun Duels (C2.2401) to get the first shot versus a defender.
Hint: you can use the Pz IIIGs for hit and run attacks on the KV-1s. Move out from cover, fire, then move out of their LOS again.


車輛(和它的乘員-在多數得情況下)可以在MPh中移動之後射擊。IFT武器減半(例外:FT(噴火器)是全FP),並且炮必須+4 DRM(額外還要再加上其他的修正)。BFF有ROF,但是不能放置校正標記。
提示:你可以讓Pz IIIG對著KV-1使用打帶跑方式攻擊。從掩護中移動出來,射擊,然後再次移動到它們的LOS之外。

Hull Down (D4.2)
An AFV behind a wall his HD. All (non CH) hull hits vs a HD vehicle have NE.
Hint: Walls are your friend. Put your PzIIIGs behind walls when you can.

提示:牆是你的好朋友。把你的Pz IIIG盡可能的放在牆的後面。

Passengers (D6)
Vehicles with a PP capacity can transport infantry and their SWs.
It (usually) costs 25% to load/unload passengers from a vehicle. FFNAM always applies, and FFMO applies if the vehicle is unarmored.
If the vehicle is wrecked, then each passenger must roll for crew survival (CS) or be eliminated (all passengers are eliminated when the vehicles is a burning wreck).
Hint: Don’t transport things that can be shot at !!!!


Armored Halftracks (D6.6)
Halftracks (HT) can be a safer way to transport infantry. +2 DRM when CE, and passengers can (BFF) fire at normal FP, or go BU and be immune to all IFT. But HT armor is usually weak, so they are very vulnerable to guns, and also MGs at close range.
Crews can abandon halftracks and remove their armaments.
Hint: watch out for guns and MGs at close range.

用半屢帶(HT)來運輸步兵是一個比較保險的方式。當CE時有+2 DRM,並且乘員可以(BFF)用正常的FP射擊,或者BU來避免所有的IFT。但是HT的裝甲也相對較弱,

Overruns (D7.1)
A vehicle can make a special BFF attack as it enters a KEU’s (known enemy unit’s) location. It costs 25% of MP, IFT is @ 150%, and there is a -1 DRM vs units in OG. There is also a chance of destroying guns attacked in this manor.
Hint: avoid having your guns overrun if you can. Push them into woods/buildings when you can.

當車輛進入一個KEU(已知敵人單位)的地點,它可以做一個特殊的BFF。需要花費1/4的MP,IFT為1.5倍,並且當單位在空地時有-1 DRM。

Reaction Fire (D7.2)
When an enemy vehicle enters their location, infantry can use Reaction Fire (RF). MMCs need to pass a PAATC (fail =pin) vs AFVs, and if successful can conduct a CC attack vs that AFV (with a +2 DRM if the vehicle is currently in motion).
There is also Street Fighting (D7.211), which allows infantry in a building to attack an ADJACENT AFV on a road which has a building on the other side of the road as well ( In order to use Street Fighting, the units may not be marked with First Fire).

(如果車輛是motion狀態的話有一個+2 DRM)。
當一格道路格在兩個建築物中間,且步兵從一個建築物攻擊相鄰在道路上的AFV是一個街道戰鬥(D7.211),要使用街道戰鬥的步兵上面不能有First Fire標記。

Hope this helps you....


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