ASLSK Tank Action in Taipei

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ASLSK Tank Action in Taipei

Post by John Knowles on 8/9/2017, 22:06

Yesterday I met up in Taipei with Kang Yu (Ken) for some more ASLSK AFV training. To better facilitate Kang Yu's ability to choose an ideal scenario, I listed all the ASLSK scenarios involving AFVs under the following categories:

Tank Battle: 21.

Infiltrate: 23, 30, 34, 36, 37, 40, 56.

Infantry Support: 22, 27, 32, 38, 39, 44, 48.

Combined Arms: 24, 25, 26, 28, 35, 49, 50.

The first scenario Kang Yu chose was S-021 "Clash At Borisovka". Kang Yu played the Russians, whilst I took the Germans. I gave Kang Yu the balance, which means that the Russians get full movement on turn 1. This really changes the whole game and sets up a real possibility of the 'bullrush' strategy, which I've previously discussed here: . I basically defended board T with 2 PzIVF2s, and board V with the remaining AFVs. One of the PzVIEs took a (small) stun (needed to CE to facilitate getting to hill - thought the 9 ml should help, but...) as I entered the map, but otherwise all other AFVs of both sides are in working order.

In Russian turn 2, the first T-34 tries to exit board T, my first PzIVF2 malfunctions its MA, but the second one gets a hit and kill, before it in turn is wrecked by a subsequent T-34. On the east side (German right), it's pretty much an action replay, making the score 2-2. But in the middle, the PzVIEs can do no wrong (the stunned PzVIE rolls a CH on its first shot), and 3 T-34s are quickly dispatched. The remaining T-34s are able to avoid any more trouble, but Game turn 2 ends with a favorable 5-2 German score. 5 T-34s remain against 2 PzIVF2s (one with a malf MA) and 2 PZVIEs. During turn 3, the remaining Russian tanks scramble for the board edge, but my PzVIEs wreck 2 more, whilst 1 manages to exit (score 7-3 Russian), which now forces the Russian to have to destroy at least 2 German AFVs. My tanks now avoid the Russians, and I also repair my malfunctioned gun. With the writing on the wall, Kang Wu opts to exit the 2 surviving T-34s to keep a respectable score (7-5 German).

More importantly, I can tell that Kang Yu had a lot of fun playing this scenario. The pace and fluidity of the fast-paced tank battle did not overwhelm him at all........on the contrary, he liked it !!! My 5th playing of this scenario, and its not getting old for me, either....

The second scenario Kang Yu chose was one that he had previously played with Robin, S-023 "Monty's Gamble". I had the defending British, whilst Kang Yu took the Germans plus balance (an extra 7-0 leader; scout material to be sure !!). I defended deep, and extracted a heavy toll on the scouting German infantry, whilst the 3 assault guns (wisely) stayed out of the way. In my turn 4, I reveal the first gun, firing at a stationary StuGIIIG from 6 hexes away. The first shot bounces off the StuG, and when I intensive fire on the second shot, the gun malfunctions.... uh-ohhh !!!

I fail to repair the gun for the final turn, but one gun still remains HIP, and I can put a healthy amount of IFT fire on the south flank (the remaining HIP ATG covers the north flank), which is significant, since it looks unlikely 3 VPs of infantry can make it off the map, necessitating all 3 AFVs to exit (at least 1 of which will have to be CE). Unfortunately, my IFT fire is rather benign, and all 3 assault guns cruise off (via the south flank, leaving my remaining HIP gun redundant) for a German win.

A good afternoon of AFV training; I can see that Kang Yu is enjoying the use of AFVs, too.

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