ASLSK Action. John vs Roy.

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ASLSK Action. John vs Roy.

Post by John Knowles on 9/10/2017, 16:37

I was expecting the company of Robin and Roy (another new ASLSK Taiwanese player that Robin discovered) this morning, and had it in mind to play some 3-player ASLSK. A good opportunity to get in a playing of S-020 "Joseph 351". But it wasn't to be, as Robin was feeling unwell.

Nonetheless, Roy showed up and since he told me that he'd played 4 ASLSK scenarios, I thought we'd be best to play S-008 "Ad Hoc At Chef-Du-Pont". After that Roy was keen to learn about ordinance, in particular with myself using the guns. So I chose S-014 "88's At Zon", myself playing the Germans, and Roy getting the Americans. He would actually get to fire ordinance, too in the form of a few ('44) Bazookas.

S-008 "Ad Hoc At Chef-Du-Pont"

I played Germans and set up a strong western flank, with only 2 447 pickets in the east. A bit of a 'Schlieffen' style; hit the Ostberg Force hard at the start, so as to be able to put more resources into stopping the Gavin-Maloney Force later. In the face of this, Roy's Ostberg Force moved cautiously at the start, but Roy rolled a 12 on his first MC, wounding the 9-2, who would survive the wound, rally, but succumb to a 2nd wound from a K/1 IFT result. So, my plan somewhat worked - but it was more due to luck, really.

Roy was able to recover from this, helped in no small part by some good MCs, and when my MMG malfunctioned, was able to close the range and eventually overwhelm my defenders, whilst the 8-0 and a 747 slipped off the map on turn 5. My on-the-backfoot-Germans never really looked like exiting a Squad themselves, so Roy's Americans completed the VC's quite handily in the end.

Quite a good effort after losing the 9-2 very early on (and I'd forgotten to give Roy the American balance (add a 7-0), given how important the American leaders are in the Victory conditions.

(picture shows game half way)

S-014 "88's At Zon"

Once again I played the defending Germans, but this time remembered to give Roy the balance (add a 7-0). I put the guns in H0 (facing F0) and J0 (facing L0). My infantry role was to simply buy time, survive, and in the end block the exit hexes as best they could.

I was hoping that playing on board W wouldn't be too much of a burden on Roy - I've noticed that hills can take a bit of getting used to for the new players. But he seemed to visualize them pretty well from what I saw. His advance was fairly cautious, and I managed to inflict a number of casualties in the first few turns. When the guns finally introduced themselves during American turn 4, the Americans were hit hard; with both guns getting a K/3 result on key units.

But one of his American squads manages to break 1 gun crew, and the Americans look like they might have half a chance. My crew manages to rally, only to malfunction the gun on its next shot !! In American turn 6 I should have enough FP to cover the exit hexes I cannot occupy, but a cower (12 DR) leaves F0 devoid of residual, and as a result, 2 747 squads exit. This leaves a bit for my remaining 2 squads and crew (with malfunctioned gun) to do. But when a 747 places smoke in K3, I am unable to place residual in L0, and 2 more 747s race away to win the scenario for Roy's Americans once again.

(picture shows game after 3 full turns)

(picture shows during Turn 6 American MPh)

Of course I helped Roy out with a few suggestions here and there, but the real classy move with the smoke in the heat of a tight final turn was all him. Very encouraging signs from the learner - I think Roy will do well !!!

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