ASL-011 "Defiance On Hill 30" (John vs Robin)

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ASL-011 "Defiance On Hill 30" (John vs Robin)

Post by John Knowles on 9/17/2017, 18:28

Robin Chung and I finished our scenario of ASL-011 "Defiance On Hill 30" (the updated Y2 version). Robin played Americans plus balance, whilst I played Germans. We started this game as a logfile game, but decided to finish it off live on VASL.

From the start, I had a group of 1 '-1' leader, 2 squads, 1 MMG, and 1 LMG try and 'flank' the American position, but when the moment looked right to make a lightning move, the group got hit hard, and was out of the game for several turns. After recovering from that, I suffered another setback, but was also able to grab a group of 2 747 squads and an 8-1 leader as prisoners, and marched them off the board (12 CVPs cashing in......)

This put me well ahead in CVPs, which really changes the dynamics of the game. Now I only need to control 1 building to win (assuming I can maintain the lead in CVPs) instead of 4. I suffered a lot of unexpected attrition, but the lead in CVPs gave me the upper hand. And in my final turn, I made it impossibly hard for Robin to recapture 2T8, whilst enjoying a 7CVP lead. Robin hoped for some low dice salvation in his final turn, but the dice gods weren't listening....... in fact injury was added to insult when a half squad roasted itself with its own back blast (C13.81). Robin was able to acquire 3 more CVPs by the end of the CCPh, but ultimately fell 5 CVPs short.

Quite a fun game. Both sides lost just over half their starting OoBs, and it went into the final turn.


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