S-027 "Stand For New Zealand" (John vs Kang Yu)

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S-027 "Stand For New Zealand" (John vs Kang Yu)

Post by John Knowles on 9/19/2017, 19:40

Last Sunday morning, I met up with Kang Yu (Ken) for some more ASLSK AFV training. The scenario we chose to play was S-027 "Stand For New Zealand". I played as the attacking Germans, whilst Ken played the British (plus balance).

In my attack, my plan was to wear down the (New Zealand) British so as to simply overwhelm board V. But board U is quite open, and its not easy to move quickly without taking big risks. My progress was slow, and when the reinforcements showed up, it got really difficult. By turn 7, I had to take big risks, but my morale 8 simply wasn't showing up, but unfortunately, plenty of '2' and '3' DRs were showing up on British IFT DRs. When my 10-2 fell to a k/2 result on a 6+0 shot, I knew I wouldn't have any kind of chance to take all the multi-hex stone buildings, and we called it a day. This does look like a tough scenario for the Germans. My 3rd playing of it, and the New Zealanders have won comfortably every time.

Ken did learn a bit more about AFV tactics in ASL, and was able to better gauge the impact of light anti-tank weapons. He also liked the way I used the 50mm mortar as a 'harassing' weapon, putting a DM on broken units sheltering in buildings.

(the photo shows the halfway point, just after the reinforcements show up)

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