ASL V "Auld Lang Syne".

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ASL V "Auld Lang Syne".

Post by John Knowles on 10/21/2017, 13:44

I got to meet Robin face-to-face 2 weeks ago when he visited me in Wugu, and we played ASL-V "Auld Lang Syne", an original Rogue series scenario which got updated to ASL and was published in Avalon Hill's "The General" magazine back in the mid-90s. The scenario features a company of German infantry trying to take control of 4 multi-hex buildings from a company of American infantry defending board 10. I chose this scenario for us to play, as it features Rowhouses (B23.71). I thought it would benefit Robin well to become more familiar with Rowhouses in ASL. I played Germans, and Robin played Americans. American balance was in effect, which shortened the game from 5.5 turns to only 5. My Germans would have to be bold !!!

My first pre-game bombardment shot was a Critical Hit (C3.7), which immediately obliterated an American squad. My 9-2 directed MG nest was then able to break another squad, and the Germans began the game with the initiative on their side. For the most part, Robin did a good job of avoiding my MG nest, and responding to my assault. But the breaks were constantly going my way, and by turn 4, Robin was fighting just to survive, with my Germans in control of 5 multi-hex buildings by the end of game turn 4. It wasn't the most memorable game in terms of competitiveness, but it was good to meet with Robin for the first time. Hopefully he learned a few important aspects about Rowhouses.

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