ASL-014 "Silence That Gun"

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ASL-014 "Silence That Gun"

Post by John Knowles on 10/21/2017, 14:22

Last weekend, Robin and I started and completed our playing of ASL-014 "Silence That Gun". This was the first ever ASL scenario that I played back in 1988 vs Thomas Jackson, where I lost as German by not reading the Victory Conditions carefully enough to realize that I would immediately lose if the Americans controlled the fortified building. It taught me a pretty good lesson about reading the Victory Conditions with great care and to always be mindful of them, a lesson that has stuck with me to this day.

In this playing, Robin and I used the updated scenario from MMP's 2nd edition "Yanks", which features a number of adjustments to help the Americans. In keeping with our tradition for the Paratrooper scenarios, Robin played Americans, whilst I played Germans. American balance was in effect. I chose 3N1 as being the fortified building.

Robin split his forces between the gun in 3M5 and the fortified building in 3N1. This probably wasn't the best option, since it resulted in the latter force getting depleted to virtual annihilation, but in despite of this, the force attacking the gun position were able to occupy 3M5 in the APh of American turn 6, recover the gun in German turn 6 RPh, but in German turn 6 (the last turn of the game) PFPh, the squad possessing the gun broke, leaving the Americans no ability to eliminate the gun, resulting in a German win. Tough break, Robin !!!!

Good scenario and game, though.

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