S-029 "No Monumental Acclaim" (John vs Tou Mu)

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S-029 "No Monumental Acclaim" (John vs Tou Mu)

Post by John Knowles on 11/14/2017, 23:50

Last week, I completed a logfile game of S-029 "No Monumental Acclaim" vs Tou Mu (my first game vs him). This is my 4th playing of this scenario, and on this occasion, I played Germans with American balance in effect.

Tou Mu played a good game overall, using smoke frequently, and not taking bad risks with his units. But his 9-2 took a while to impose himself into the game, which left my Germans with the initiative. My MGs spent most of the game in P2 and P1, and in my last turn, I was able to 'block' much of the approaches to p1 (incorporating broken units and a SMC in a 'wall of flesh' - a tactic which impressed Tou Mu; bet he can't wait to try it for himself some time).

Overall, it was a close game for the most part, but I had the resources to put the odds highly in my favor in the last turn. Tou Mu got to see the way to close out an ASL/ASLSK game. Good stuff to learn....

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