ASL-017 "Lost Opportunities" (John vs Robin)

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ASL-017 "Lost Opportunities" (John vs Robin)

Post by John Knowles on 11/26/2017, 21:27

Last week, Robin and I played ASL-017 "Lost Opportunities", with myself as Germans and Robin as Americans. American balance (add 1 to the required VC number of buildings) was in effect. This is the first of our "Paratrooper" scenarios that will feature vehicles.

Once again, Robin got off to an unfortunate start, I got Critical Hits with the mortars in each of the first 2 Prep fire phases, and a MG nest ROF tear was able to double-break (and eliminate by wound failure) his 8-1 leader. This put Robin very much on the back foot, and my German half-squad wave (I deployed as many of the 436s as I could) crept forward with their confidence slightly up...

I was a bit overly confident with the Marder, which I initially set up out of LOS. But when it tried to bypass C1 and sneak down the east flank, it got roasted by the ATG that Robin had set up HIP in F6. A 60mm mortar hit immobilized one Renault tank, so Robin enjoyed some success vs the AFVs, but his infantry were knocked around hard, and by the end of German turn 3, half of the 747 squads had been eliminated, and the Germans controlled 7 buildings (needing 6).

It would have been near impossible to stop the Germans taking more buildings, let alone taking buildings back, so we decided to call it a day at that point, the Germans the clear winners. A bit of a short game, but the lessons learnt will no doubt enable Robin to better fine-tune his setups for the future.


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