ASL 184 "Death At Carentan" (John vs Robin)

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ASL 184 "Death At Carentan" (John vs Robin)

Post by John Knowles on 1/1/2018, 20:48

ASL 184 "Death At Carentan".

Last Wednesday, Robin Chung and I (as well as a number of other Taiwanese ASL players) met in Xi-Men. These meeting serve firstly as a social fraternity for ASL players in Taipei, and secondly as something of a live ASL clinic. Robin asked me to prepare a scenario with which to teach OBA, so I chose ASL-184 "Death At Carentan". Robin would play the initially defending, later counterattacking Germans, whilst I would play the initially attacking, later defending Americans.

Robin's Morale Check DRs were noticeably awful at the beginning of the scenario, and that along with the SSR2 Smoke Fire Mission allowed my Americans to completely wipe the Germans off the map. Nonetheless, Robin counterattacked from many directions (high morale and 4 leaders will allow you to do that), but still suffering bad MC DRs, the German progress was slow. However, I managed to malfunction the radio on the first Radio Contact DR !! (later Xing it out on a repair attempt), so at least Robin would be spared the 100mm OBA. I had even dug foxholes (p5, r4) in anticipation of the OBA, but they still turned out to be quite useful positions for holding up the Germans.

Overall, my Americans had the better of the firefight, and Robin was always fighting bravely from the back foot. The Americans didn't really need the radio OBA support, although the SSR 2 smoke FFE sure helped out. We'll return to OBA soon enough !!!

(The photo shows the game at the end of turn 4, as Robin Chung looks on.....)

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