ASL-016 "No Better Spot To Die"

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ASL-016 "No Better Spot To Die"

Post by John Knowles on 1/7/2018, 09:30

Robin and I completed our 7th scenario from the ASL Module 2 "Paratrooper". The scenario was ASL-016 "No Better Spot to Die". Robin played the defending Americans, whilst I had the attacking Germans. American balance was in effect, so I would need 5 buildings.

Early on, the ATG revealed itself and knocked out 1 of the light tanks. The ATG was then pounded by the German 50mm mortars until a Critical Hit caused its automatic demise. In the meantime, my infantry moved cautiously into position, with my superior FP giving me the better of the early exchanges.

Things continued in this manor until the American MG nest in the 2nd level of U4 started to get regular ROF tears, and as such, the German attack faltered. I feared the SSR 2 Truce TC, so tried to be sure of being ahead VC-wise, but without getting myself in a worse situation.

During turn 6, I was able to control 5 buildings hexes (the bare minimum needed with American Balance in effect), but in the American turn, they were able to take one back. Both sides were badly mauled; the Americans holding on with 4.5 Good Order (GO), whilst I had 5.5 GO squads.

None rallied in the German Turn 7 Rally Phase (one squad rallying would have prevented the Truce TC), and so I had to take the Truce TC (rolling 10) which resulted in a truce, and ended the game as a close American victory. This was the first win for Robin's Americans, and they had fought back from a few setbacks, and did well to hold on and ultimately turn the tables on the Germans. A well done effort by Robin !!!

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