ASL-018 "The Roadblock" (John vs Robin)

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ASL-018 "The Roadblock" (John vs Robin)

Post by John Knowles on 1/13/2018, 00:44

Robin and I completed our 8th and final scenario from ASL Module 2 "Paratrooper" (which has now been incorporated into the modern "Yanks II" ASL module). Robin had the defending Americans, whilst I had the attacking Germans. American balance (which affects the German ability to move squads) was in effect.

This scenario requires the Germans to exit 20+ VPs off the south edge of board 24. Considering the limited ability to move squads without leaders (SSR3), that's quite a lot of exit points, in a fairly tight time, through a rather exposed area. Even though there is 10.5 turns available, it strikes me as being a LOT to do in order for the Germans to win. The wide open exit are also presents problems for the Americans in terms of defending this, so its tricky for them as well, making for an ideal 'graduation' scenario - if you can play this one competitively, then it suggest that you're ready for the next level....

In contrast to my instincts, SSR3 forced me to move a number of squads in stacks with leaders - so I made a point of making the reward of a good position justify the risk. The ATG knocked out the PzIVC early on, a platoon of my infantry and their 9-1 leader were ambushed by a HIP squad and decimated - with the remainder being captured as prisoners, and the American 9-2 and his MMG in level 2 of 24V3 caused further misery, until the Marder was able to pacify them with a smoke hit. Amazingly, the captured 9-1 later managed to escape and re-arm when its guard HS took a casualty MC when taking fire.

I suffered a few other setbacks from the HIP 747 squads, but once all had revealed themselves, my numbers eventually began to tell, and ultimately, all 5 were eliminated, with 2 being captured - which would be important, since they are worth BIG exit VPs (4 points per squad). In spite of me pushing south as hard as I could, I was only barely maintaining schedule. Robin's reinforcements arrived turn 8, which meant I needed 28+ exit VPs (the Marder and prisoners would be worth 13 alone, so I would need another 15 from squads and leaders).

The safest looking way to exit board 24 looked to be along the gully, and Robin did his best to cut off this route. But his MCs did him no favors, and I was able to exit a total of 38 points in the final turn, which somewhat flatters the reality of the situation, since Robin had a squad in A8, which came awfully close to blocking the gully, and if he had have done so, my exit would have been extremely difficult.

So our Paratrooper series finishes with victories well in my favor at 7-1, but I can see that Robin has gained invaluable experience of the ASL craft......

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