Tank Training in Wugu. T-006 and T-008 (John vs Robin).

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Tank Training in Wugu. T-006 and T-008 (John vs Robin).

Post by John Knowles on 1/25/2018, 20:26

Robin visited my home last Sunday, and we continued on with our program of AFV training.

The first scenario we played was T-006 "The Dead Of Winter". Robin played the attacking Russians, whilst I played the defending Germans. Russian balance was in effect. This scenario requires the Russians to exit 20 VPs of units off the south edge of board 4 from 4AA1-4GG1. Deep Snow (E3.73), Extreme Winter (E3.74), and Winter Camouflage (E3.712) rules were in effect, so I provided Robin with some 'cheat notes' to help him along. I also printed out a VASL map in winter colors to make it easer to visualize the Extreme Winter environment. Robin exchanged his 8-0 for a 9-0 Commissar (A25.22). I put the trenches in a line from BB0-GG3 to make a 'poor man's AT ditch', the 37L ATG in GG4, and the Dug-In (D9.4) PzIVE in FF6.

Early on, Robin's Radioless AFVs (D14) took their chances with Non-Platoon Movement (D14.23), which enabled him to surround and wipe out most of my infantry. My 8-1 managed to place its DC through the rear VCA, but then rolled a 10 on the placement DR, which made the DC explode harmlessly vs its target. It looked like I was going to be overwhelmed, but then one of the tanks bogged when crossing the trench line. It managed to free itself, but failed its NTC for Non-Platoon Movement in the final turn, leaving it stranded onboard. A second tank made it offboard for 7 exit points, but the third also bogged on the trench line. Robin now needed to exit 13 VPs of infantry, which he still had available and within range, but he had largely neglected to deal with my Dug-In PzIVE, which was able to get some telling hits on his infantry, leaving him well short of victory.

My infantry had done virtually nothing to the Russians all scenario, but my 'poor man's AT ditch' and Dug-In PzIVE did just enough to snatch victory away from the Russians in the final turn. I think Robin might have done better to keep the vehicles in platoons, and he really should have tried to eliminate the Dug-In tank - those oversights cost him dearly in the end.

The second scenario we played was T-008 "Aachen's Pall". Robin played the attacking Americans, whilst I had the defending Germans. American balance was in effect. My strategy was simply to deploy and play for time, but this was made difficult when the 6+1 leader took a HOB result from a WP hit from the M-12 GMC, and he went Berzerk, taking a 447 with him !!! However, despite having a 9-2 to direct fire, Robin's IFT attacks failed to flatter, and in the end, his Americans weren't able to break all of my units, so the scenario ended in another German victory.

We completed both games in about 3 hours, so a pretty good pace of play, and then Robin, his wife, and I had chicken fajitas for lunch......


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