A-081 "They Fired On Odessa..." (John vs Robin)

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A-081 "They Fired On Odessa..." (John vs Robin)

Post by John Knowles on 2/5/2018, 11:40

In a bid to give Robin some OBA experience, we played A-081 "They Fired On Odessa...". I played the defending Romanians, while Robin played the attacking Russians. Russian balance (an extra game turn) was in effect.

The goal of experiencing OBA was soon ended when Robin drew 2 red chits, so after that, it was simply elite infantry vs 2nd-line infantry and 3 guns. Robin noneltheless kept a pretty good schedule, and was attacking the gun positions by about turn 4. Two of my gun crews broke c/- SSR5, but I was able to recover, and usually had 2 guns fighting for most of the time. Thanks to some helpful ambush drs, my units managed to be evasive, and Robin often found himself having to re-take buidings, and in turn 7, I was even able to re-capture 3N1.

In the last turn, Robin needed to eliminate 1 gun, and re-capture 3N1. But I had a squad and leader in the stairwell hex (3M2), and when Robin moved adjacent to CC me, I simply voluntarily broke (A10.41) the squad, and routed upstairs (the leader being able to follow in GO), which left Robin with no chance of clearing me out in order to retake the building.

A good game, but giving Robin a little too much to do unraveled his plans in the end.....

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