AP-112 "First Ally" (John vs Robin)

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AP-112 "First Ally" (John vs Robin)

Post by John Knowles on 2/10/2018, 12:39

Continuing on with our OBA training, Robin and I played AP-112 "First Ally". I played the defending Slovak (Axis Minors), whilst Robin played the attacking Polish (Allied Minors). Polish balance (add 1 457 squad) was in effect. To win, the Poles have to control every  multi-hex building, and being that there are 10 of them, it would seem quite a bit to do in 7 turns.

I basically set up with a squad defending nearly every VC building, whilst Robin set up aggressively (in stacks, tsk-tsk-tsk), and Prep fired basically his entire OoB on the first turn. Luck was with him, however, and 4 of my squads broke on turn 1, and my Slovaks were never really able to recover, and my luck certainly didn't improve much, either. I think I broke 2 Polish units for the entire game. It was all over in 5 turns, with the Polish clearing the map of all Slovak units by the end of Polish turn 5 RtPh (I showed him how to prevent broken units running upstairs by encircling them and being Adjacent (which induces a surrender instead). The OBA was a mere footnote, landing 1 FFE in unoccupied ground. A bit of a 1-sided contest, this one !!

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