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ASL-131 "The Penetration Of Rostov" (John vs Robin)

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ASL-131 "The Penetration Of Rostov" (John vs Robin) Empty ASL-131 "The Penetration Of Rostov" (John vs Robin)

Post by John Knowles on 7/2/2018, 20:35

--- Hi everyone... This is Robin.  geek ---

Last Monday (June 25), Robin and I finished our playing of ASL-131 "The Penetration Of Rostov". This scenario was played in hope to demonstrate the (un)limbering and movement of Guns. I played the attacking Germans, Robin played the defending Russians. Russian balance was in effect (2 HIP Squads).

上週一(6月25日),羅賓和我打完了我們正在玩的ASL-131 "入侵羅斯托夫"。玩這個劇本是為了示範裝載、洩載([un]limbering)和移動大砲。我扮演進攻方的的國人,羅賓扮演防禦的蘇聯人。給了蘇聯平衡(2個HIP的班)。

In this scenario, the Germans need to clear the city (board 1); they win immediately when all multi-story buildings have no unbroken Russian MMCs. The Russians defend with 10 458 squads, 3 leaders, 8 SWs, and have 18 dummies (and 2 HIP squads with the balance) for a little camouflage. They also have a SAN of 6 and Level B Booby Traps (B28.9) to help wear the Germans down. To help against vehicles, the Russians also have MOL (A22.6). The Germans have 16 squads, 4 leaders, 5 SWs, 2 Infantry Guns and their crews which enter the map when they please, and a PzIVF2 which shows up on a dr of 1. There's quite a lot for the Germans to do; it could get a bit strenuous if I suffer a couple of leader losses !!!

在這個劇本中,德國人需要清除城市(1號地圖)中的蘇聯人;當所有的多層建築物中沒有沒被打翻的蘇聯人MMC,德國人立刻獲得勝利。蘇聯有10個458的班、3個長官、8個SW,和18個假人(dummy),再加上兩個HIP的班。他們還有一個6的SAN和等級B的誘殺裝置(Booby Traps(B28.9)翻譯為呆子陷阱?)用來幫助消耗德國人。為了幫助對抗車輛,蘇聯人還有MOL(燃燒瓶;A22.6)。德國人有16個班、4個長官、5個SW、2門步兵砲和操作他們的砲兵在任意位置進入地圖,並且一輛PzIVF2坦克在dr1時出現。德國人有非常多的事情要做;如果我失去幾個長官,他有可能變得有點費勁!!!

Robin defended spread out through the multi-level buildings with lots of dummies up front. I deployed heavily at the start, and sent the half-squads through all possible locations so as to clear a path for the guns to move through the city. However, a HIP squad with a MMG has quite an interdiction, and I lost the big 150mm IG to one of Robin's HIP surprises. Despite receiving this setback (in most, because I wanted to demonstrate the mechanics of its movement !!!), my infantry was able to slowly reduce Robin's infantry. We had a number of HOB DRs for the Russians (I would estimate about 4-5), one of which Battle Hardened (A15.3) the 9-1 up to a 9-2. I didn't do so bad myself though, with a German (8-0) leader being created by a CC (leaders are worth their weight in gold for the Germans in this scenario). The PzIVF2 arrived turn 2, but soon after malfunctioned its MA (on an attempted PFPH smoke shot). I never attempted even 1 repair attempt; its cover, MG FP and sD were too much to lose (a repair DR of 6 = MA Disabled, which Recalls (D3.7) the AFV). I did manage to get off a couple of shots with the 75* IG, achieving 1 ITT hit, but the IFT effect had no effect.

ASL-131 "The Penetration Of Rostov" (John vs Robin) Asl-1310

At the start of German turn 8, the Russians were down to 2.5 squads led by the 10-0 and 9-2. If the Russians morale could hold up, they might be able to hold out. But the Russian MCs could have been a lot better, and in the turn 10 German PFPh, I was able to break the last Russian squad in F3.1, which ended the game (I actually mopped up the last broken units, as I didn't realize the immediate nature of the VCs !!!)

ASL-131 "The Penetration Of Rostov" (John vs Robin) Asl-1311

The MC DRs could have been a bit kinder to Robin, with his Russians folding a little too quickly towards the end. The impressive Russian SAN of 6 was a little underwhelming in performance, and the Booby Trap Level of B only killed one half-squad. But the scenario did allow Robin to see at least 1 gun getting unhooked, re-hooked, and pushed along, so there's some merit in that.

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